North Texas Narrow Gauge




Jack Walton - owner

13225 Thornton Dr.
Westlake, TX 76262

Ph: 817 233-5068

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RTR Cars

Built Up Structures

Built Rolling Stock

Unbuilt Structure Kits

Brass Locos & others


Here are some special goodies you may be interested in.


Get rid of those old trucks that eat up all of you engines power!

PBL RTR 3'7" 25 Ton Archbar trucks - these are the new trucks that roll so great! I have quite a few of these.

$12.00 per pair.


Flat car loads - $125 these are really nice (these are two pictures of the same group)


Tractors - $25 for all


Cars - $35 for all


Trucks $35 for all

Truck - Purina - $25

Truck - Swift Premium - $25



Builders in Scale Switchmaster Switch Machines #810 $10.00



I will accept PayPal and checks. You don't need a PayPal account to pay if I send you an invoice.